Activision: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure!

Ok folks, we’re big fans of the Peanuts comics and cartoons here at Gasket. So when Activision asked Gasket Studios for a few FMVs they needed for a Snoopy-centric game that was a tie-in with the new Peanuts movie, we pretty much exploded with excitement. It was truly an honor to work with Charlie Brown and the gang for this project.

Gasket was tasked with matching the new look and feel that Blue Sky’s Studios had established. Referencing brand guides and rendered images we created models and characters to match. The talented team at Gasket Studios then worked with Activision to create the games FMV story. Sprinkle in a lot of directing, editing and a ton of rendering, voila it was the perfect kickoff for Snoopy’s Adventure!

Intro FMV

Ending FMV

After wrapping up all the FMV work and in-game animations for Snoopy’s Grand Adventure, Activision approached us again to do the intro FMV for the iOS game Snoopy’s Town Tale. We can’t get enough Snoopy in our lives, so we jumped at it! For the mobile game, Activision gave us a rough outline of the narrative they had in mind and we were able to come up with our own story, simple as it was. Check it out below!
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Snoopy's Town Tale Intro