Activision: Ghostbusters

By now, it’s probably apparent that we’re fans of working with our friends at Activision. There’s a lot of evidence to support this, but this time it was different. This time, it was Ghostbusters. That’s a big deal to a lot of the crew here. Many of us have been fans of the franchise since before we could form full sentences.

Utilizing concept art and the rough in-game models provided by Fireforge Games, we set about bringing the characters and their world to life. It was no small task, but this was no small project. And we ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

We also decided to try our hands at some of this VR nonsense everyone is talking about lately, so we created a 3D flythrough of the Ghostbusters firehouse headquarters. Check it out below!

Ghostbusters Opening Cinematic

Ghostbusters Ending Cinematic

If you are watching with a browser, choose the browser version. If you are cool and have a google cardboard or other VR headset option, choose that version. Either way, watch at the highest quality settings (2160) for the best viewing experience.


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GB Station - 360 View 1

GB Station - 360 View 2