Best Buy: UHD Campaign

We had an interesting challenge earlier this summer. Best Buy wanted to create more awareness for their 4K TVs and content for the coming year and they had a lot of different ideas of how to convey this info to their customers. Rather than cutting things down to 1 or 2 ideas, they decided to send Gasket 13 scripts and asked us if we could design and animate ALL of them. Obviously we jumped at the chance to create so much content. Then they said they needed all 13 animations completed within 3 weeks. We hesitated a brief second, then jumped again. Who doesn’t love a challenge, right?
It was a bit of a boot camp, but we turned out some pretty nice animations all said and done. After the initial 13 spots were delivered in early summer, Best Buy came back a couple months later to do a longer-form video for their new Free TV Delivery program in the same style. You can see that one featured at the top of the page. Below, you can watch a small selection of the other animations we created for the UHD in-store campaign.

The Upside of Upscaling

Sharing with your Smart TV

Viewing Distance

Sitting Closer

We stopped by our local Best Buy and were surprised at how much of the store was covered in Gasket’s work. We were pretty proud to see it all on the big 4K screens!