Target: When Night Falls, The Fun Begins

Collaborating with Target on everything from the story, scenery, and characters, we invited shoppers to break through the mundane of their own Halloween routine. The commercial, created for Target’s in-store Target Red channel and website, put a breath of spooky excitement into their Halloween 2012 campaign: “When Night Falls, the Fun Begins.”

Original characters and story were at the heart of this project. The initial storyboards supplied from Target’s in-house creatives allowed our designers to create a well-timed, magical storyline. The unique characters were created in cooperation with their creative team, and were equipped with Target brand costumes and apparel—both in their night and day outfits.

Styleframes & Backgrounds

The graveyard scene features a host of tasty Halloween products. From candy bats, to sweet treat ghosts, to TombStone Pizza headstones, we filled the landscape with fireflies and a little bit of smoke to add that classic, spooky Halloween atmosphere.