Shopperworks & General Mills: So Retro

When General Mills called with the radical request of creating 80’s versions of their iconic characters for Target Stores, we were like, “No way!” And they were like, “Oh, totally way.” Which was way. WAY. Cool.

We’ve worked with General Mills on both Honey Nut Cheerios® and Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ brands before, so the existing 3D models of Buzz and the Squares were easy enough to queue up and go. Sonny from Cocoa Puffs™,  however, has never been created with tubular 3D magic. Our fantastic partners at Shopperworks designed Sonny and his super-fly outfit, complete with a killer keytar to bring this edible character evolution some Miami Vice street cred.

Now for those righteous B-boy dance moves…  Since we all know Gasket founder, Greg Shultz, is the reigning in-your-dreams-champion of in-front-of-your-mirror B-boy dance moves, (psych!), he choreographed, designed and directed all of the characters gnarly moonwalks and flash dances from raw talent alone.

We’re beyond jazzed to partner on such fun projects with our clients. If you can bring the heat, we’ll bring the animated flava’ and make sure you eat your shorts with glee, guaranteed.

While creating the CTC spot, we got to add some background flavor with redesigned album covers for our Square DJ to scratch. We had a lot of fun with these designs, even though you can’t really see them too well in the spot. Below you can check them out a little bit better.

CTC Albums

Additional images