American Efficient: Seal it!

March 2023 Update! We’re not the only ones who love this campaign. Gasket won a Golden Pin at AdFed’s “The Show” for VFX and CGI Animation! It’s great to see that our peers in the community love this project as much as we do. 

If you’re looking to seal up your home from air leaks, who better to get advice from than a talking seal! Manufacture and Shelton Group partnered with Gasket + Engines Running to bring American Efficient’s campaign to life.

Our partner, K2 Productions, brought their “A” game for the live-action portion, which allowed Gasket’s VFX team to focus on prepping and gathering the shoot information for animation and postproduction.

With production finished, there would be an amazing seal jumping in to steal the show, and with the stage set, it was time for the REAL fun to begin. We first dove in with design, modeling, and rigging, which brought sparks of life but our voice talent was the magic that really started to pull it all together. And with performance direction from director Greg Shultz, our animators had all they needed to bring our seal character to life.

Check out below to see all the spots with this character, as well as some behind the scenes images and videos that document our process from start to finish.  

Behind The Scenes

"Intro" Spot 1

"Intro" Storyboard Edit

"Intro" Animation Ref

"If Only" Spot 2

"If Only" Storyboard Edit

"If Only" Animation Ref

"S.I.Y." "Seal It Yourself" SPOT 3

"S.I.Y." Storyboard Edit

"S.I.Y." Animatin Ref


Set Design / VFX Post / Before & After

Behind The Scenes