Plunkett's & Varment Guard: 2019 Campaign

Designing characters, creating their back-story, and bringing it all to life is what the Gasket team loves to do, and Plunkett’s Pest Control and Varment Guard asked us to do just that in their new brand campaign.

After concepting three different approaches, the teams were most excited to create a protagonist (superhero) and two unwanted antagonists (vermin) to play-out everyday pest control scenarios. Partnering with Lynda Crotty the storylines were established. While she went to work writing, we went to work designing the characters and sets.

Our brand ambassador technician is designed after Stacy, the owner of the companies. We listened to a few recordings she had previously done, listened to stories from her co-workers, got out our sketchpad, and voilà! Stacy the Plunkett’s Pest Control and Varment Guard Superhero Technician came to life. After finally meeting her, we’re very proud to have captured her badass superhero personality.

Varment Guard

Not in my backyard!

Social Stinger

Social Stinger

Marketing Campaign Content / Brand Ambassador / Character Development