Marshmallowphant Brand

What exactly is a Marshmallowphant? They’re half marshmallow, half elephant. They’re a tasty treat for your creative mind. They’re a blank canvas, eager to soak up any imagination and creativity you put forth. They’re sugar coated and ready for fun, fun, fun straight out of the factory.

The Marshmallowphant brand invites the viewer to return to the heart and joy of creating; and embrace the great discoveries found through asking “what if” and interjecting with “ooh, then it could…” The premise behind MMP was envisioned by our Executive Creative Director Greg Shultz, and was undertaken to focus on brand connections, character design, collaboration, and the creative process as a whole.


Just a little bit more info

For a short time, we set up the Marshmallowphant website so that users could download a free design template to create their own custom Marshmallowphant. Once they were satisfied with their design, they could send it back to us using the upload link. We then took their design, applied it to our Marshmallowphant 3D model, and made a short animation based around the theme of the user’s design. You can check out some of our existing animations and designs in the Recipe Gallery on the website!

Ken Brahmsted of BWN created the original scores for the movies and website. After studying the nature of kids commercials from Japan, he came up with the “fun, fun, fun” motif. For the Factory movie, he pursued his own whimsy and cranked up the orchestra. “The picture was so big and detailed,” he said, “it seemed only right to treat the track the same way.”

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