LOGO: Scandalicious

Scandal happens to everyone, but only when it happens to a celebrity does it become Scandalicious! Logo enlisted our talented team to create a broadcast design package for their new reality TV series, Scandalicious—a show that takes the typical entertainment countdown show and recasts it with sharp, witty commentary from pundits on documented shocking and trashy celebrity hijinks.

Original Design

Our original idea, Scorned, is our final design’s sister concept. It utilizes a short depth of field, retro-tinted color treatments, and high-fashion photography to capture the idea of a high-class celeb taking her rage out on the printed page. It featured a bold pair of legs against a bright background and gave more focus to the scissors slashing and shredding through letterforms and magazines.


Slashing scissors are the dominate motif for transitions, countdowns, mortise boxes, and backplates. The magazine covers are used in each installment to give the the viewer a glimpse into what scandalous topics are at hand.

Countdown Bumper

Duality Concept

Duality bears witness to a simultaneous exploration of the dual nature of celebrity: the deep and shallow, the internal and external realities.

Emotion Concept

Emotion simply makes you want to know more of what scandal these folks have gotten themselves into with just a quick glace at their expressions or surroundi

Stardom Concept

Stardom plays off the luxury of fashion and glamor in Hollywood, telling a story of scandal through (not-so-subtle) hints and photogenic imagery. It begins with an unnamed woman in red lipstick, prepping herself for a night on the town. Enter her bodyguard, escorting our client through a sea of paparazzi, hints of lipstick glistening on his collar.