Keith William Band

“Twinkle Twinkle has been around since 1765, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a version that both you and your kids would listen to with the windows down in the car.”

This was Keith William Dunton’s core idea as he set out to create an album of contemporary rock children’s songs. After successfully funding his project through Kickstarter, Keith needed some special branding to make his venture complete.

He came to us to help him create the friendly, energetic characters that would be the face of the band he envisioned. We did just that—and we set up a social media presence on Facebook and YouTube. Itsy Bitsy Spider, their first official music video featured above, garnered 84,000 views!

The Band

The Keith Williams Band—or KWB—is made up of three band members:

Star—The flashy and confident lead singer.
Legs—He pulls double duty and functions as KWB’s bassist and guitar player.
Smiles—The focused and determined one-moon drumming machine.

Gasket team members worked with Keith to transform his sketches and character ideas into rock stars with big personalities. We also worked to give each character their own background stories to make KWB’s brand and group more engaging and believable.

Social Media

Social media updates and imagery have played a part in KWB’s success. High-quality rendered poses and animation loops created by our team are versatile enough to be used anywhere necessary: Facebook holiday greetings, promotional banner ads, and their YouTube page.