Nickelodeon: “You Gotta See This” Broadcast Package

We collaborated with Nickelodeon to create concepts, logos, and a full broadcast design package for their new show, You Gotta See This. The clip-style show geared towards tweens features hilarious web videos, classic bloopers, and shocking pranks on celebrities—all served up by hosts Chris O’Neal and Noah Crawford.

Our show package built upon the the classic “click-to-play” button seen throughout the web, and sought to draw viewers in with fun colors and punchy motion design.

Original Concept Frames

The original concept for the show took the click-to-play concept, bubbly lettering, and combined it with the element of surprise everyone experiences when they discover and share the most recent viral video.

Additional assets

We were tasked with creating a variety of broadcast assets along with the show opener. Among them were designs for mortises, lower thirds, backgrounds and transition animations.

Gigglepops concept

One of our first pitches introduces a series of characters we call the Gigglepops. These squishy, jiggly characters share media with each other all day long on transparent screens and then giggle at their findings. Even though this idea skewed a bit too young, the client liked our click-to-play button concept and wanted us to move forward with it.

Playback Concept

In this concept we leveraged a slimy splash, typography, and a clean background from the current Nickelodeon brand, then interwove the click-to-play theme. While the slime effect was pretty popular, the client wanted to see more color and fun in the package.

Chatterbox Concept

We brought the paper fortune tellers into the digital age and named it Chatterbox. The Chatterbox—much like the original paper toy—is filled with numerous combinations of random sights, sounds, and knowledge you’ll find scattered throughout the pop-web. This board actually won us the job even though the concept changed after the award.