Google: Google Content Network

We were approached by the creative team at AKQA/NY to collaborate on the exciting, character-driven launch campaign for the (now defunct) Google Content Network. Aimed at online advertisers, the campaign unveils and explains the unique advantages of Google Content Network, which allows users to reach more of their target audience, in more places, more often.

Character Evolution & Boards

Featuring a playful and charming set of characters, the project’s biggest challenge was to capture the attitude and voice of Google. The comprehensive information about the Content Network needed to be communicated in a brand-specific way, known as “Googley”. This gave us a guideline for the characters who needed to be fun, but also smart and accessible.

The project also included a very aggressive timeline, just two short months. Starting with rough storyboards and character designs provided by Sticky Pictures in NYC, we hit the ground running, creating a whole cast of characters as well as new storyboards for the entire five-spot campaign. We had the advantage of previous collaborations with the AKQA organization, so working with their New York offices made the creative process smooth and successful. Both Google and AKQA/NY pushed the creative to a very high level, which made this project extremely exciting for all of our artists.

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