General Mills: Sidelines Cheerios

Who could resist an intriguing invitation from General Mills to be a part of a confidential proposal for Cheerios? Disclosed during the meeting was our challenge to craft a compelling campaign heralding the return of the Cheerios-sponsored Number 3 stock car to the NASCAR circuit, with Austin Dillon behind the wheel.

General Mills sought a campaign with broad appeal, targeting both moms and racing enthusiasts. Our innovative concept aimed to blend these demographics seamlessly. In the concise one-hour presentation, we articulated that every mother desires to present a positive role model to their children, particularly during breakfast. We identified Austin Dillon as the ideal embodiment of this concept.

Our pitch suggested leveraging the voice of Austin’s mother, conveying her aspirations and expectations for her son. We believed that this approach would resonate with fans who highly regard the #3 car and its storied history. The overarching theme focused on the universal aspirations of mothers, emphasizing their desire for their children to grow up with the potential to achieve their dreams. The outcome was exceptionally successful, aligning seamlessly with Cheerios’ marketing tone.

Behind the Scenes

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