Snow-Thrower Product Line Demo

How do you solve a business problem using Augmented Reality? Gasket Studios is here to help with just that. If you read last month’s article on overcoming obstacles with AR, you realize that Augmented Reality is one of the hottest trends.
A manufacturer approached us facing issues with limited showroom space at big-box retail stores. This manufacturer has over 32 makes and models of snow blowers and was limited to 4-6 different models on the showroom floor, effectively eliminating 87.5% of their product line.
Challenged to represent all of their models, we dove in and designed and created an AR app that would allow you to see, hear, test drive, and compare their most popular models. Making sure we are being budget, and timeline conscious led us to conversations about taking a phased approach to app development.
At Gasket, we’re believers of big ideas, but just in an affordable bite-size manner. Making sure that this app is scalable for the future, and focused on customer wants and needs will allow you to learn, adapt, and convert people into brand-loyal customers. If your customers want to demo your product in-store or at home, let’s make it happen.
Augmented Reality, with a purpose and content gamification, will bring your message to the modern world. Using AR to solve business challenges, that’s a challenge we are up for. 
Check back again soon, when we dive into how we used AR as a sales and lead generation tool.

In-Store or At-Home

Salespeople are always looking for new and unique ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. Augmented Reality can play a significant role in doing just that. 
By utilizing AR, you give the customer a tool allowing them to answer an issue facing the industry, “What will these windows or doors look like on my specific house?” AR enables the customer, in 3D space, to place doors and windows in their home, choose the style, hardware, and colors. They can even walk through the door and open the windows!
The next step is to collect qualified leads. We’re able to integrate our AR app with Salesforce, so when a potential prospect has made their door and window selection, they can connect with a rep in their area for pricing info, measurements, or set up an appointment to be contacted. 
Implementing AR and passing some control back to your prospective customers shows them you trust them. It provides transparency in your products. Most importantly, it makes the door and window buying experience less of a cumbersome process and turns it into an interactive, fun experience.