Cox Cable: Contour

We love trying new apps here at Gasket—especially if they have a sweet interface. After experiencing the new Cox Contour app for ourselves, we were thrilled to jump on this live-action project with Periscope, and show off all the awesome features Contour has to offer.

behind the scenes

VFX Green screen compositing

Product Comps

Since the app wasn’t completed yet, Gasket worked closely with the agency and an in-progress version of the app to recreate its functionality. We determined the clearest way to showcase Contour’s abilities, and then created animation that mimics the app’s clean interface and motion.

Breakdown video

We also carefully scripted specific actions for our hand model. We keyed her hand and composited the screen into the tablet to match her moves. The end result demonstrates Contour’s appealing design and functionality.

Shoot Day