Cargill: FR3 Dielectric fluid / AR Engagement

Whether Cargill’s customer priorities are cost, reliability, efficiency, environmental impact, safety, or all of the above, any Cargill representative can walk their customer through a side-by-side comparison of why Cargill’s product is the superior choice.

UI/UX Design

UI Design

To keep up with the constant evolution of products and how clients want to talk about them, we implemented a feedback system to connect users directly to Gasket’s development team. This connectivity allows us to be highly agile when making app updates.

Gasket also implemented new features that allowed the conversation to continue after a customer demonstration is over. Cargill representatives and customers can also share their contact information for more responsive communication. Documentation and screenshots can be sent directly from the app for detailed explanations of a specific benefit of FR3 fluid.

Cargill FR3 Spill Remediation / interactive AR

Spill Remediation / User Experience Boards

Cargill FR3 Load Capability / interactive AR

Load Capability / User Experience Boards

Cargill FR3 Fire Safety / interactive AR

Fire Safety / User Experience Boards

Cargill FR3 Life Extension / interactive AR

Asset Life Extension / User Experience Boards