Best Buy: Best Buy Green Gift Card

Just Remember to Recycle

How do you say “green” in the glossy, high-tech environment of a Best Buy store? By keeping it simple! So simple, in fact, that even a kid could have done it. The result is a smart, simple, and fun approach that grabs your attention and makes high-tech green.

For Best Buy’s Green Gift Card (the plastic for the card has been recycled, of course), our artists conceptualized a claymation-style spot, complete with squishing, stretching clay typography, icons and bunnies. Yes, bunnies.

We originally planned to film more than half of the spot with real clay. However, the big globe pullout worked so nicely in 3D, we decided to do most everything through our computers.

Capturing the subtlety of finger prints and random cracks on the clay was key to making it appear authentic. We decided that a little humor would help this piece create more interest and a joy to watch, so we slipped in a little rabbit for good measure. We rendered on threes (each frame holds for three frames) to complete the stop motion, claymation feel. Keeping the spot simple and clean was a great pair with the real Best Buy Green Gift Card. We all had great fun creating this spot, and we think it shows!