Best Buy & Beats Headphones: Sound Really Matters

Best Buy, Monster Cable, and Interscope Records called upon us to finish a nationally-aired commercial that showcases the power and quality delivered through Beats headphones.

Beats are a range of over-ear and in-ear headphones created by the multi-skilled rapper and music producer, Dr. Dre. They’re are constructed to not only be beautiful, light, and stylish; but also to play music the way it was meant to be heard—they way it was produced in the studio. The commercial features a real Best Buy blue shirt employee who takes a high energy, Beats-fueled journey into a thumping, music filled club world hosted by none other than Dr. Dre.

Behind the Scenes

Live action director Jim Zabilla and our very own creative director Greg Shultz worked on set and in-house to create the right look and feel for every aspect of the spot. Designing and supervising visual effects, typography and color, we created visual sound and energy from store to club, and back again.

“We wanted to capture the lifestyle and quality of Beats headphones. Using in-camera and digital visual effects, we showed that hearing music in the highest quality possible makes for a more fulfilling and exciting experience,” notes Greg. “Working with Jim and the Best Buy team was great. Everyone brought their best creative to the table.”