FCB NY: Gerber “Baby Genius”

This spot has it all. Teaming up with Director Phil Harder, it was one of the craziest VFX jobs I have ever worked on. Shooting on set in Miami, the idea of the spot was to make a 6-month baby look like a genius. The first task was to shoot a baby turning 360 degrees over white cyc on a lazy-susan. Adhering to the 20-min on set child labor laws, we needed to cast triplets so we could have enough time to shoot. The second task, find a little person with the baby like hands to cover in green (except torso and arms) and shoot controlled arm movements while turning 360 degrees on a lazy susan. Lastly, taking the footage and combing into a seamless spot that shows the most amazing 6-month-old child. Oh, also add a motion design element to the whole scene with touch points between the baby and typography.
The result is indeed a timeless spot.    

Production Stills