Augmented Reality: AMC Theatres Digital Experience

Gasket conceptualized multiple AR experiences, showing what was possible with the AMC characters. We provided AMC with stories and interactivity options, and performed a functional proof of concept. Then we moved into production to deliver the AR experience. Although Gasket is able to provide AR content development on a variety of platforms, Aurasma was AMC’s platform of choice for this project.

AR/MR Storyboards - One Sheet / Poster

When movie-goers enter the lobby, they can open their AMC app, start up the AR feature, point their smart phones at the AR-enabled poster in the lobby, and watch as the poster comes to life. AMC’s ninja character lands in their phone screen overlaid on top of the live video feed, ready to fight. Movie-goers can then freely walk around and use the ninja to whack anything that enters their viewer with nunchuks and throwing stars.

As the user plays, a masked chainsaw character randomly appears and chases away the ninja, allowing the movie-goer to attack with the chainsaw for a short period. After a few clicks, the ninja returns and kicks the chainsaw character offscreen, restarting the gameplay loop. The entire time, the user has the ability to click the “Enter Sweepstakes” button to sign up and win prizes, including free movies for the year.

Fun Animations