Allianz: 360 Annunity Video

This integrated live action spot was a s collaborative effort between our creative team and the internal marketing division at life insurance giant, Allianz. Designed to educate viewers and demystify two Allianz products, our challenge was to keep the viewer plugged in, strike a balance between education and entertainment; and most importantly, adhere to the strictly regulated compliance laws of the financial industry. 

The two eight-minute long spots were storyboarded prior to shooting, while motion graphics and visual effects were previsualized to make later execution a breeze. The goal was to inhabit the architecture with information from the annuities being discussed as a way to enhance learning.

Behind the Scenes

Thanks to the City of Minneapolis and the Hennepin County Library’s efforts, the whole production was a total success! Numerous rooms were used throughout the library along with additional background talent to give the spots a feeling of breadth and humanity. The two-day timeline—shot at two different dates over two months—was the first production for the Public Library.