Activision: Wipeout 3

When Activision needed an opening video game cinematic for Wipeout 3, they came to Gasket early in the process for creative and script ideas. We wrote and storyboarded a fast-paced storyline for this installment of the game series, featuring some new faces and game-play features—like third-person view and brand new obstacle courses.

Many Wipeout players are also fans of the ABC television series, so we stayed true to the show’s attitude, energy, and over-the-top, exaggerated goofy fun. Quite a few assets were still in development during the job, so some characters, obstacles, and even backgrounds were revised on the fly or created from scratch.


Kinect tutorial

At the time of release, Kinect was a new feature and Activision wanted to promote its in-game functionality. We leveraged the cinematic elements, integrating the humor and storytelling Wipeout 3 is known for.