Activision: Sierra Logo Animation

Gasket finished up Summer 2014 with a new logo animation for Activision and its re-launched brand: Sierra Games. The breathtaking logo animation was unveiled at Gamescom 2014 when Activision announced the newest Sierra Games, a re-imagined King’s Quest as well as Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

According to Gasket Founder/Creative Director Greg Shultz, Activision asked the Gasket creative team to provide concepts for the new logo animation for Sierra. “They basically said, ‘Let’s see what you’ve got.’” Challenge accepted! Getting right to work, the team conducted in-depth research of all pre-existing logos of the Sierra Entertainment brand from its origins.

“We approached this project from a storyteller’s perspective.” explains Shultz. “Sierra has such a rich history of storytelling and adventure. We knew where our focus must be. 

“Starting with a windswept environment, we are immediately introduced to a character who leads us deeper into the scene. The revelation of the mountain draws the viewer in, just as it does our adventurer. He rushes onward, leaving us to wonder what lies ahead.  The iconic Sierra logo is revealed to the delight of old-school fans (Gasket included).”

The allusion of a deeper story left the internet chattering, quickly garnering several hundred thousand views across different venues. Commenters speculated whether it was a teaser not just for the publisher, but a new game altogether.

Gasket’s Shultz also notes that the Activision/Sierra logo animation was a project that touched each and every artist’s hands at Gasket. After creating the concept and the style frames: “This project moved quickly into production,” he details. “It was an effort that involved the entire Gasket team, from background matte painting by look development artist Tiffany Borchardt, animation by Brad Jacobson, modeling and rigging by Alex Boatman, simulations and atmosphere development by John Zilka, and heavy reliance on the expertise of Justin Greiner serving as lead VFX artist.

Check out Sierra’s site for more info on what’s to come for this amazing brand!