45NRTH: Wölvhammer Promo

“Let’s break it down.”

Getting the opportunity to partner with 45NRTH on the launch of the newly redesigned Wölvhammer boot was a dream job. Working closely together, the goal was to show a detailed breakdown of the boot. To showcase all the new features and explain how each brings a unique experience to cycling and comfort.

45NRTH brand is revered, and its Wölvhammer boot is recognized as top in its category. For them to fully redesign this iconic boot tells you about 45NRTH’s passion for innovation, and the love they have for their products and culture.

Engines Running, Gregory Shultz, director of story and animation, worked closely with 45NRTH designed a campaign that embodies boldness, adventure, and superiority for their newly redesigned Wölvhammer.

Engines Running composer Brian Bradley created all of the original music and sound design. We wanted you to feel the music as well as hear it. To capture the coldness of Winter and the solitude of an enduring ride.

45NRTH Social Breakouts

45NRTH Social Breakouts

The Wölvhammer boot, not yet off the production line and no CAD files for reference, needed to be fully realized in 3D and capable of a full breakdown. The talented Gasket team modeled all aspects of the new boot, especially our Director of Look Development Tiffy Griener. She created all of the textures and lighting of this fantastic 3D boot.

A full campaign of social assets and a marketing tool kit was designed to be able to be responsive to 45NRTHs marketing needs. Being able to repurpose assets and messaging to extend their brand campaign was essential to keep things fresh, and reach their maximum audience.


Campaign Social and Print

Behind the scenes animatic