Best Buy, “Spring Gift Cards”

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The Best Buy Gift Card Tales campaign continues with an ode to spring! This lighthearted spot finds that the early bird does indeed get the worm—or the gift card, as it may be—much to the envy of his birdie neighbors. With card in beak, our hero flits home to his love bird, using his Best Buy gift cards to make his house a home.

Design and Storyboards

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Our spot was inspired by a real gift card design featured within the animation, and the topic of spring lent itself to an airy pastel color palette. The joy that spring brings was conveyed in the glistening eyes, handwritten phrases, and a general sense of lightness in our camera and bird movements.

The low-poly model design of the 3D elements gave the spot a graphic feel. The designs for the birds, house and tree were first created in 2D, but the animation was completed in 3D, lending speed and flexibility to our process. 

Gift Card Tales Series

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Client: Best Buy

Agency: Best Buy Yellow Tag

Design & Animation: Gasket Studios
Creative Director: Greg Shultz
Art Director: Elisa Takagi
Senior Technical Director: Justin Greiner
Modeling & Rigging: Nate Dorn, John Zilka
Animators: Nate Dorn, John Zilka, Tom Lubanovic, Rachel Anchors
Associate Producer: Dan Helgemoe
Executive Producer: Tammy Kimbler

Music & Sound: BWN Music